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Bring our touring plays and teaching artists directly into your school or classroom to provide arts experiences or to enrich different areas of your curriculum.

School Opportunities

Touring Plays

Our Touring Company delivers live, professional theatre to your school! Each play is selected for a specific age range, so please read the descriptions thoroughly before making your selection. We are happy to discuss with you which play is best suited for your students. We provide a range of resources to help prepare your students for the show and to connect the experience to your curriculum.

These include:

Study guides
• Free Class Act! pre- and post-show workshops
• Post-show question-and-answer sessions with the actors if time allows
• A free educators' preview of the play in our rehearsal hall
• Copies of the play script for preview and use in the classroom (upon request)

All Playhouse touring plays address grade-level appropriate state academic standards in English language arts, fine arts, health and wellness, and arts and humanities.


Price: Through generous grants, we are able to offer these productions for $500. We have a limited number of subsidies for schools that cannot afford the entire fee.

Performance Space: Our touring productions can perform in almost any large space, from auditoriums and gymnasiums to cafeterias. We require a minimum space of 20 feet wide by 20 feet deep to set up our production (including backstage space) and minimum ceiling height of 9 feet. Please allow one hour of set-up time and one hour of breakdown time in the space.

Audience Size: Because of the informal nature of most school performance spaces and the intimacy of live theatre, we prefer to have audiences no greater than 350 students. 

We are happy to discuss any of these requirements. Please call our Education Coordinator, Cara Hinh, at 513-977-2028.

Remaining 2016-17 Touring Plays

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Based upon the story by C.S. Lewis
Dramatized by le Clanché du Rand
April 10 – May 19, 2017, Tuesdays – Fridays
Recommended for pre-kindergarten to sixth grade

In Narnia — a land of talking animals, mythical creatures and eternal winter — the White Witch holds power over all. Any who dare dissent are turned instantly into stone. But one day, a little girl named Lucy enters this magical land through an enchanted wardrobe, and her fantastical adventure signals the fulfillment of a prophecy and great change to come. Step through the wardrobe with Lucy, Peter, Susan and Edmund in this tour-de-force, two‐actor adaptation of the beloved and heroic tale of good’s triumph over evil.

Registration is available online.

2017-18 Touring Plays

Registration for the 2017-18 season touring plays is now available online.

The Last Firefly
By Naomi Iizuka
Oct. 3 – Oct. 27, 2017, Tuesdays – Fridays
Recommended for grades three and up

It begins with light and a flash. Then comes a sound, a pulse, a beat, a crash like a giant hammer smashing through the sky. The fantastic story of Boom, the son of Thunder, is a mythical adventure about discovering one's inner strength.

By Toby Hulse
Jan. 23 – Feb. 9, 2018, Tuesdays – Fridays
Recommended for grades one and up.

The much-loved tale about a wooden puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy is packed with magical characters, cartwheels, circus antics and dollops of fun for the whole family.

By Mike Kenny
April 10 – May 18, 2018, Tuesdays – Fridays
Recommended for pre-kindergarten and up

Young Rapunzel lives in a tower with her overprotective grandmother, safe from the dangers of the world. As her curiosity about the outside grows, Rapunzel meets Rafi, a local boy whose friendship finally gives her the courage to be free.

The Playhouse Touring Company is made possible by generous support from the Charles H. Dater Foundation, The Sutphin Family Foundation, KeyBank, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing N.A., Inc., and an Anonymous Donor.

Scripps Howard Foundation Class Act! Program (Free Pre- and Post-Show Workshops)

The Scripps Howard Foundation Class Act! Program is a free, 45 minute pre/and or post show single-session workshop that uses drama activities to prepare students to see a Playhouse student matinee performance or outreach touring production. Post Show workshops help students connect what they have seen to the curriculum. These workshops engage students in a variety of activities that focus on the theme, plot or characters of the show. Activities may include writing, acting or improvising.

These free workshops are made possible by generous support from the Scripps Howard Foundation.

For information on scheduling Scripps Howard Foundation Class Act! workshops, contact the Education Department at 513-977-2031 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Workshops in conjunction with our touring plays may also be requested on our online registration form.

Expanded School Workshops

The Playhouse is pleased to continue an expanded School Workshops program in the 2017-18 school year to deepen learning in core subjects through theatre. Each workshop is led by one of our trained arts educators. They use drama techniques and arts-related activities to expand on the selected subject or book. The workshops underscore standards in the common core and provide a differentiated learning experience for your students.

We offer four different styles of five-day workshops: Dramatic Interpretation, Experiential, Public Speaking, and a new ESL Program. Workshops run over a five day period, culminating in a presentation or enactment day.


Price: Through generous grants, we are able to offer these workshops for $500. We have a limited number of subsidies for Title I schools.

Capacity: The goal of these workshops is to serve an entire grade level. We can accommodate up to three classrooms receiving simultaneous instruction.

Facility Usage: Enactment and presentation days will be worked out with each school to accommodate scheduling and facility availability. The use of a library, gym or auditorium is preferred for congregating large numbers of students.

This program is offered throughout the school year. We are happy to discuss any of these requirements. Please call our Education Associate Kelsie Slaugh at 513-977-2031 with questions or for more information.

2017-18 Expanded School Workshops

Registration for the 2017-18 expanded school workshops is available now online or by downloading this form.


The goals of the Dramatic Interpretation Workshops are:
• Explore the structure of storytelling.
• Immerse students in different styles of dramatic writing.
• Explore the power of visual storytelling and how to translate descriptive language into a visual image onstage.
• Discuss and analyze the effect that interpretation has on the understanding and connection that an audience has to the material.

Daily Overview:
Day One: What is the story, and how will you tell it?
Day Two: Telling the story visually
Day Three: Writing and curating content
Day Four: Putting it all together
Day Five: Presentation and discussion

Books/subjects from which to choose:
• Greek Mythology/Drama
Bridge to Terabithia
• Book/Subject of Choice


The goals of the Experiential Workshops are:
• Explore the world of the book to better understand the context of the story/subject.
• Immerse students in different styles of theatre to tell the story/subject.
• Explore the power of visual storytelling.
• Create and embody characters from the world of the story/subject.

Daily Overview:
Day One: Scene work with text from the book or play adaptation
Day Two: Stage combat
Day Three: Scenic design
Day Four: Specialty connected to the book (e.g., dance from the era or costume crafts)
Day Five: Enactment day

Books/subjects from which to choose:
The Outsiders
• U.S. History
• Book/Subject of Choice


The goals of the Public Speaking Workshops are:

• Understand communication methodologies to enable effective conversations.
• Identify key details of the story/text.
• Learn vocal technique for oral presentations.
• Identify real-life connections between the words in the text and their use in performance and everyday life.

Daily Overview:
Day One: Understanding the speech OR Writing and editing your own speech
Day Two: Breaking down text
Day Three: Vocal technique for oral presentations
Day Four: Reading and verbalizing with emotion
Day Five: Presentation of speeches

Subjects from which to choose:
• Great Speeches by Great Speakers
• Speaking Your Own Words


The goals of the Theatre for ELL Workshop are:

• Strengthening linguistic skills through performance
• Reading and Speaking with expression, emotion, and meaning
• Connecting language to physical gestures
• Gaining confidence in speaking through theatre activities and performance

Daily Overview:
Day One: Expressing Emotions
Day Two: Introduction to Text
Day Three: Vocal Expression
Day Four: Creating Character
Day Five: Presentation of Scenes

Schedule a Workshop

Extended Residencies

We work with you to create longer residencies that use drama to explore specific areas of your curriculum, from literature, history and science to topical issues, such as conflict resolution or teamwork. Residencies expose students to different areas including writing, acting, design and technology for a rich overview of theatre craft. They can be paired with a backstage tour of the Playhouse and our scenic, properties and costume shops.

These workshops can occur every day for a week or one or two days a week for several weeks. With enough time and resources, residencies can end with a culminating presentation to share with parents or your school.

For information on workshop design, costs and scheduling extended residencies, contact the Education Department at 513-345-2242 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Extended residencies are supported by the Robert and Adele Schiff Family Foundation.


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"The programs and storytellers make lasting curriculum connections with our students. This is evident in their ability to write, reflect and transfer what they've learned into other applications beyond their core academics and beyond the productions.

"All classroom teachers were surveyed and asked to assess the success of the year's programming. One thread that ran through each statement was how incredibly valuable the pre/post workshops were and the planning with the Playhouse in the Park's Education Department to the success of each production." – Silverton Paideia Academy

"The pre- and post-show activities make the Playhouse experience more meaningful because they bring the actors to life and give [the students] more understanding about what we were seeing." – Kindergarten teacher

"The pre- and post-show workshops aid the students in understanding and appreciating the performances to a higher level. This prep work is what every good teacher does prior to sharing in class. The workshops are an important part of the show." – Kindergarten through eighth grade principal
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