The cast of The Three Musketeers, 2012. Photo by Sandy Underwood.

our board

Our thanks to the dedicated volunteers who give so much of their time and support by serving on the Playhouse's Board of Trustees.

Executive Committee

President Jack Rouse

Vice President Woody Taft

Treasurer Thomas M. Keckeis

Secretary Jennie Rosenthal Berliant

Chair Jenny Powell



William Baumann
Patty Brisben
Jack G. Brown
Otto M. Budig, Jr.
Lucille Carothers
Carl Coburn
James P. Conway, Jr.
Alva Jean Crawford
Chandra Gravely
Linda Greenberg
David C. Herriman
Andrea Herzig

Karen M. Hoguet
Rich Homan
Peter Horton
Holly Huttenbauer
Sonya S. Jindal
Thomas M. Keckeis
Barbara Kellar
Terry Lemmerman
James C. Leonard
Stephen S. Lett
Jacqueline Mack
Sean A. McCauley

James A. Miller
Roy A. Mitchell
William Moran
Dean A. Moulas
Patti Myers
Jack D. Osborn
Ken Oswald
Robert Reifsnyder
Toni Robinson-Smith
Austin Schiff
Digi Schueler
Brent Seelmeyer

Jerry Shroat
Greg Shumate
Maureen Smith
John Stein
Donald Stock
Marty Tomb
Barbara A. Turner
Ellen G. van der Horst
Albert Vontz III
Melissa E. West-Koistila
Leo Whitt
Ronna Willis


Charles O. Carothers, M.D.
Andrew MacAoidh Jergens
Morse Johnson
Lois Rosenthal
Howard Tomb
Albert W. Vontz, Jr.



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