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Leading Ladies


Your Leading Ladies membership gives you a backstage pass to exclusive and exciting “girls’ night out” events, where you get an insiders’ look into what it takes to bring world-class theatre to life; meet the incredible professionals who create these experiences; and share these experiences with fellow theatre-loving women!




The Leading Ladies build a welcoming and diverse community of women to support the Playhouse, using a framework of captivating events that incorporate education, entertainment and enjoyment of theatre, with the goal of sponsoring an annual Playhouse production.



Grande Dame ($1,500)

  • May bring three girlfriends to the “Big Event”
  • Invite to the Playhouse’s annual Season Announcement celebration
  • Invitation to the Playhouse’s Barbara M. Weyand Donor Lounge during the four 2024-25 subscription shows in Moe and Jack’s Place – The Rouse Theatre

Plus all the benefits of the Diva and Starlet levels.

Diva ($1,100)

  • May bring two girlfriends to the “Big Event”
  • Invitation to a special tour of the Gilbert Scene Shop, where theatre magic is built
  • One (1) complimentary parking voucher for the 2024-25 season
  • Two (2) complimentary drink coupons for Al’s Bar at the Playhouse

Plus all the benefits of the Starlet level.

Starlet ($600)

  • An invitation to four fabulous, in-person Leading Ladies events
  • May bring one girlfriend to the “Big Event”
  • A special 20% discount on single tickets for the 2024-25 season

Ingenue ($300)

NEW! Young Professionals level for women 40 and under.
  • An invitation to four fabulous, in-person Leading Ladies events
  • A special 20% discount on single tickets for the 2024-25 season


Become a 2024-25 Leading Lady by clicking a JOIN button above or by printing a pledge card and mailing it to 962 Mt. Adams Circle, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Your gift is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor. The fair market value of benefits is: Grande Dame $400; Diva $250; Starlet $200; Ingenue $150.







2024-25 EVENTS

Food for Thought – at Eat Well!

|Thursday, August 29, 2024

What happens when actors need to cook or eat onstage? Hear from the artists that make it possible and learn about how stage food is created, as you sample tasty treats prepared by Chef Renee Schuler at Eat Well!

Revealing Rutka

|Monday, October 7, 2024

An insider’s look into the Playhouse’s world premiere production of Rutka: A New Musical as this powerful indie-rock musical launches its path to Broadway!

The Big Event: The Book Club Play

|Friday, March 21, 2025

This is the event you can share with a girlfriend! Enjoy a fun-filled reception before the dress rehearsal of the first act of The Book Club Play – sponsored by the Leading Ladies! Divas may bring one guest and Dames may bring two for a great girls’ night out and an exclusive sneak peek at the theatre-making process.

The Art of Auditioning

|Monday, May 5, 2025

How do the actors get the gig? Experience a mock audition process produced just for you, and see what makes Playhouse casts so terrific!





Thank you to these 2023-24 season Leading Ladies. This list recognizes members as of January 9, 2024.

Whether you are a Grande Dame ($1,500), Diva ($1,100), Starlet ($600) or Ingenue ($300), you’ll enjoy exclusive events that feature signature experiences into unexplored facets of the Playhouse. Ladies are also recognized in Playhouse programs and on this page throughout the season. For more information, please contact Kendra Struthers at 513-977-2024 or


  • Catharina Toltzis
  • Ronna Willis


  • Amelia Crutcher
  • Kelly M. Dehan
  • Vickie Buyniski Gluckman
  • Linda Greenberg
  • Karlee Hilliard
  • Laurie F. Johnston
  • Kelly Lyle
  • Danute Miskinis
  • Linda Muth
  • Rosemary Schlachter
  • Nancy Sparks


  • Janet G. Banks
  • Randal S. Bloch
  • Jacklyn Bryson
  • Marjorie Compton
  • Susan Cummings
  • Marilyn Duke
  • Brenda Hausterman
  • Louise Head
  • Marty Humes
  • Susan Ingmire
  • Judy Kenniston
  • Margo Kirstein
  • Selena McKean
  • Patti Myers
  • Karen Neyer
  • Marcia Philipps
  • Jenny Powell
  • Betty Prince
  • Debbie White Richardson
  • Cathie Rothfuss
  • Moe Rouse
  • Diane Rumpke
  • Digi France Schueler
  • Laura R. Turton
  • Susie Tweddell
  • Maureen Vignola
  • Jane Welling


  • Anonymous
  • Nancy Aichholz
  • Sherri D. Allen
  • Janice Amatulli
  • Susan S. Anthony
  • Elizabeth C. Armitage
  • Susan Awadalla
  • Molly R. Barber
  • Jan Bartel
  • Mandy Bartel
  • Marianne Beard
  • Megan Beck
  • Becky Beckstedt
  • Mary Ann Bell
  • Stephanie Besl
  • Cheryl L. Borland
  • Linda D. Brink
  • Carol Campbell
  • Angela Carl
  • Nancy B. Carrothers
  • Susana Chamlee
  • Melanie M. Chavez
  • Fran Christensen
  • Mary Ellen Cody
  • Cynthia Cole
  • Virginia Copley
  • Jean Crawford
  • Judy S. Dalambakis
  • Carol DeGreg
  • Debora Del Valle
  • Kathryn Dierckes
  • Nancy Steman Dierckes
  • Bethany Doverspike
  • Kay Eby
  • Joyce Elkus
  • Mary Anne Frey
  • Nancy Gaffney
  • Nancy Gollobin
  • Barbara Gould
  • Barbara Hahn
  • Margo Hall
  • Nirvani Head
  • Carolyn Heck
  • Betsy Hendy
  • Helene Herbert
  • Judy Tondi Herd
  • Meg Hilmer
  • Linda R. Holthaus
  • Kim Howland
  • Pat Humphrey
  • Dr. Linda Huntress
  • Diane Iseman
  • Anne Jaroszewicz
  • Clare Jaymes
  • Sarah Raup Johnson
  • Diane S. Jordan
  • Lisa Kagan
  • Arlene Katz
  • Heather Krombholz
  • Patricia Krumm
  • Trish Larsen
  • Lynn P. Larson
  • Terry Lemmerman
  • Donna Lilley
  • Nancy Lippincott
  • Sally A. Lloyd
  • Laurel Markley
  • Carolyn Ott Martin
  • Nancy C. Martin
  • Kathy McCord
  • Stacy McIntosh
  • Joann Mead
  • Kathy Merchant
  • Audrey E. K. Miller
  • Sarah Mizelle Miller
  • Mary G. Moran
  • Jeannie Niebuhr
  • Niki Pappas
  • Jenny Partridge
  • Debbie Pendl
  • MaryAnn Pietromonaco
  • Jane Portman
  • Ildiko Pray
  • Audra Rance
  • Sherri Adams Remaklus
  • Margie Rennie
  • Carol Holland Rentschler
  • Carol Reubel
  • Danielle Revelson
  • Dr. Jeri B. Ricketts
  • Carole T. Rigaud
  • Buffie Rixey
  • Mary Ellen Roberts
  • Gigi Robison
  • Karina Rothzeid
  • Jane Rutherford
  • KJ Sanchez
  • Jeanne Tiber Schmerler
  • Carol Serrone
  • Shelly S. Sherman
  • Sue Showers
  • Debbie Renick Sims
  • Laura Skidmore
  • Martha Steier
  • Lib Stone
  • Dr. Susan R. Strick
  • Glenda Suttman
  • Dee Talley
  • Gretchen Thomas
  • Catharina Toltzis Ph.D.
  • Alicia B. Townsend
  • Linda Trebbi
  • Dionn Tron
  • Lynn Tumen
  • Ellen G. van der Horst
  • Nancy A. Virgulak
  • Carol Walkner
  • Sarah Warrington
  • Kate Wehby
  • Judy Wells
  • Ronna K. Willis
  • Laani Wuest
  • Linda Elam Young
  • Mary Beth Young
  • Sue Zimmerman

Bold indicates Steering Committee Members


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