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Off the Grid creates immersive theatre experiences for today. With an innovative artistic approach, interactive performances take place in site-specific or social settings that reimagine the nature of theatrical storytelling.



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Listen to Free Pod Plays

Listen to an audio play, outdoors, for free!
The Pod Plays project makes creative use of technology, storytelling and outdoor space. These original audio plays each take place in a unique location in Cincinnati. You’ll be guided through the space as the story unfolds, interacting with the same views, spots and markers as the characters in the story you’re streaming. Read more about this project on our blog, and stream Akin, Richie and Blanche, The Edge of Town or The Aviators today!



Past Events


Written by Julie Locker
Garage on York, Newport, Kentucky

Chefs from three family-owned restaurants compete on the fictional, reality competition show Top Mom and Pop. But on the day of filming the season finale, nothing is going right. The host is missing, kitchen sabotage is wreaking havoc on set, and the producers are floundering. Is Top Mom and Pop doomed to become a one-hit wonder? Join the show as a live studio audience member for front-row access to behind-the-scenes capers!


Written by Margot H.G. Manburg
The Neil Armstrong Space Exploration Gallery, Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

For the first time in 200 years, humankind has a second planet to call home in the far reaches of space. But disaster strikes, threatening the lives of crewmembers. Captain Promise Jones, charged with the safety of everyone onboard, summons the brightest astronauts from neighboring ships to redirect their course. Can they work together to survive the expedition? Step aboard the starship in this thrilling, interactive adventure as audience and crew members alike engage in star charting, training modules, simulations and more!

A Dungeons and Dragons Interactive Experience

Presented in partnership with Green & Garb
Written by Julia Gomez and Kyle Carey Miller
Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

Surrounded by a blighted and enchanted forest, the Kingdom of Cinestreal has long been protected by the ancient magic of the Queen’s Crown. But calamity erupts when a cloaked mage steals this powerful artifact and vanishes beyond the city’s walls. Only by assembling your motley crew of friends, your magical items and all your knowledge of spells can you hope to vanquish the villain and — with the luck of the dice — restore peace and balance to your beloved home.


Written by Ethan Graham Roeder
Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad

You’re cordially invited to an evening of starlit cabaret and time-traveling adventures! Along the tracks of the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad, you’ll encounter a ragtag band of time-traveling explorers who commandeer your train ride as they try to get back to their own era. It’ll take more than song and dance to convince them that you shouldn’t be taken along with them. Secure your seats to a uniquely entertaining train ride full of love, loss and live, locomotive storytelling.




Photos by Tony Arrasmith/Arrasmith and Associates.