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Pre-Recorded Workshops

To support the needs of our partners and schools, the Playhouse will continue to offer virtual pre-recorded programming with Education Memberships! This program gives you access to all current and future Pre-Recorded Workshops for the 2022-23 season. The membership is available for the entire school teaching staff, individual teachers, home schools or pods. 

Contact us at or 513-977-2028. If you are already an Education Member, login here. You can also learn about how to bring a Live Workshop into your class. 


Take a Look at our Brochure

Become a Member

Become an Education Member to get access to our full catalogue of pre-recorded workshops for the 2022-23 season!


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 What's included?

Memberships start at $100 and include Drama Integration lessons on Public Speaking, Dramatic Interpretation and Bringing Books to Life. View our Curriculum Offerings to see what's in store.

When will the Pre-Recorded Workshops be available?

A full catalogue of workshops is available now! Those who purchase access will receive login information with a confirmation from our Education Coordinator.

Will my students be able to watch from home?

Yes! You will be able to view as a class, or to share access with your students so that they can watch from their computers if they are learning remotely.



Additional Resources

Take a tour!

Here's a video tutorial about how the portal works. You'll get a glimpse at how to navigate through our teacher resources and curriculum, and how to share the videos and worksheets with your students.

Curriculum Offerings

View a list of our Curriculum Offerings, or view our full brochure for descriptions of each workshop.





What do the Pre-Recorded Workshops look like?

Here are some screenshots to give you an idea! (Click the screenshots below to view them at full size, if you'd like to read the details.) The educator's view the full grid, and the students just see the YouTube videos and worksheets you choose to share with them!







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